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About the Author


I'm Andres Quintero

The founder of DicoSoft Digital, an agency dedicated to helping Energy Healers and Life Coaches build a marketing framework that allows them to attract more clients and run their business in autopilot.

I've been immersed in the world of digital marketing for roughly 10 years; however, I originally, I studied software engineering in Daytona, FL and worked at a company called Automatic Data Processing (ADP) for about 12 years. 

As a software engineer, I developed software that I wanted to pitch to major corporations. This led me to the realization that I needed to understand digital marketing in order to promote it effectively. 

That's when I discovered one of the greatest passions of my life. Since that pivotal moment, I've continuously sought knowledge from the industry's best mentors and have diligently applied this expertise to assist our clients in scaling their businesses through digital marketing.

Welcome to DicoSoft Digital

Uniquely focused on Digital Marketing For Energy Healers and coaches, our team has cultivated years of expertise in understanding your specific needs and aspirations. 

Our experience empowers us to deliver precisely tailored marketing solutions that will attract the right audience to your offers. 

Our advanced business automation framework will have your business running on autopilot, so you can enjoy more free time. 

Join us and experience growth crafted specially for healers and coaches.


Partnering with DicoSoft Digital has been a game-changer for my healing practice. They've helped me reach the clients who truly need my services. I've seen a steady increase in clients, and their automation solutions have given me back the gift of time.

Sarah Tatum

Holistic Healer

Since I began working with DicoSoft, my coaching business is doing a lot better. I like how clear the communication has been. I also like how responsible the team has been with their commitments, I can't recommend them enough.

Mike Bellucci

Life Coach

DicoSoft's team has done wonders for my pranic healing practice. Their marketing strategies are top-notch, they have helped me bring in more clients consistently. They've also streamlined my business processes, freeing up my time to focus on my passion.

Lisa James

Pranic Healer

Unlock a Steady Flow of Clients

Establish your authority and attract high-quality clients through our expertly crafted marketing strategies. 

We spotlight your unique life coaching or energy healing approach, empowering you to stand out in your niche. 

Plus, with our intelligent automation solutions, you regain life-work balance, freeing up time for client work and self-care. 

Transform your business into a flourishing practice, while cultivating a lifestyle you love.

Your mission is to transform lives

Ours is to help you achieve that without the burden of technology overload.

What's included in our services


We'll meticulously design and oversee your digital content, from courses to podcasts, guaranteeing their smooth automated operation.

Through strategic sales funnel approaches on social media, we're dedicated to enhancing your service outreach and elevating your sales.

Web Development

Crafting sleek, user-friendly websites that not only look impressive but function seamlessly to provide the best user experience.

Courses / Memberships

From idea inception to the final touch, we'll help you craft compelling courses and memberships that resonate and retain your audience.

Podcast/YouTube Channel Management

From episode planning to post-production, let us handle the intricacies of your Podcast and YouTube channel, so you focus solely on content creation.

Marketing Framework

Unlock unparalleled conversions! Our Sales Funnel Marketing approach meticulously guides prospects from awareness to purchase, boosting your ROI.

Customer Relationship Management

Navigate client relations seamlessly! Our CRM solutions offer comprehensive tools, ensuring meaningful, lasting connections with your customers.